Ring and Pinion Break in Procedure

When installing a new ring and pinion it is recommended to properly break in the new components. The proper break in procedure will extend the life of the components and help with the prevention of premature failure usually caused by extreme heat.
Although your new ring and pinion is “Lapped” from the factory for smooth quiet operation, they will still need to be broken in once they have been installed. A new ring and pinion will initially run hotter when new and can cause extensive damage if the temperature exceeds ideal operating conditions for an extended period of time. The suggested break in procedure is as follows,

  • The first drive with the new ring and pinion should be under normal driving conditions (No hard starts, No racing, No off-roading, No towing and not at Highway speeds).
  • The vehicle should be driven 15-20 minutes around town, normal stop and go driving. Then you should let the axle assembly “Completely Cool” (this will allow the gear oil to cool down so it does not reach temperatures that will break down the oil, causing loss of protection)
  • Repeat the 10-15 minute drive and cooling off period 2-3 times
  • Then you will want to drive on the highway and repeat the process at least 2 times abiding by local speed laws but not exceeding 65 MPH, be sure to let the axle assembly completely cool between drives (very important).
  • Lastly you will want to change the gear oil after the initial 500-1000 miles and your gears are broken in correctly.
  • Note: If vehicle will be used for towing, repeat the break in procedure the first time it is used to tow.

Follow the factory service manual for recommended differential service intervals unless the vehicle is used in extreme conditions on a regular basis, you will want to service the differential more often.
(Recommended gear oil is an 80W-90 or 85W-140, Non-Synthetic, GL5 grade or Higher, Name Brand Oil. Please note extreme weather conditions may require alternative weight oil so be sure to consult a local mechanic or lube technician for recommendations)